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The 2004 Cattle Festival is dedicated to the Veterans of the Korean War.  Because of the bravery and sacrifice of these incredible men and women, the forces of Democracy and Freedom met the challenges of the Cold War which would later lead to ultimate victory against the forces of Communism.  They are truly American heroes.

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Please visit the Korean War Memorial Website


If you know a veteran whose name is not listed on this page or have a picture of a veteran who is:

Please Click Here


Below are the names of the honored men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for God and Country in that conflict:


SFC Ludwest Bouillion SGT Joseph Dewey Broussard CPL Clophas J. David

Army      February 22, 1951


Air Force     July 16, 1951


Army     May 21, 1951


PVT Kibbe Duhon PFC John Albert Hebert SGT Robert J. Hebert
Army     May 24, 1951


Army     December 5, 1951


Army     December 4, 1950


A2C Roland John Landry PFC Henderson D. McLean Albert Ollie, Jr.
Air Force     June 24, 1952


Marines     September 26, 1950


Army     December 13, 1951


PVT Norman J. Schexnaider PVT Henry D. Schriefer SFC Joseph E. Viator
Army     January 9, 1951


Army      July 18, 1953


Army     April 12, 1951




Below are the names of the courageous citizens of Vermilion Parish, home of the Louisiana Cattle Festival, who defended our nation in the Korean War


CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes) Deceased
Bronze Star Medal
Purple Heart
Prisoner of War
WWII Veteran
Vietnam War Veteran


CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)

CSM Francis Johnson

US Army

Died February 19, 1984

Special note is taken of CSM Johnson as he served his country faithfully and heroically in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
World War II Veteran
Vietnam War Veteran
Korean War Veteran


CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Watson Adams

USMC, Died May 18, 2001

Michael Alexander

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Joseph Vernon Apple

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Camille Axie Baudoin

U.S. Navy, 1931 - 2001

Tom Baudoin

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Leonard Bernard

US Air Force, Died July 16, 2001

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Clarence Bertrand

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Russell Joseph Bouillion

U.S. Army, Died September 2, 2005

Benjamin Joseph Bourque

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Kearney Bourque

Alfred Brignac

Alvin Francis Broussard

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)HM2 George E. Broussard

U.S. Navy, Died December 8, 1981

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)George Lloyd Broussard


Howard C. Broussard

John Clifford Bourque

Harold Buras

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Cpl. Joseph Rayford Campbell
U. S. Army
Died September 20, 1992

Hartwell Champagne



Jean Cladus Clement

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Roy J. Chapman

US Army, Died October 27, 2001

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Norman J. Chauvin, Sr.

US Army, Died November 16, 2004

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Clifton Cormier

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Edier Cormier

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Andrew John Couvillon

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Chester David

Harold Davidson

Robert Davidson, Jr.

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Nolan Dehart

Beverly Anthony Derouen

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Eugene Domingue

Ivan Joseph Dore

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)1st Lt. Lloyd Felix Dore, Jr.

USMC, US Air Force

Died: November 23, 1998

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Homer Dorsey

US Army, Died December 13, 1998

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Dallas Dugas

USMC, Died March 20, 1999

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Carlton Ray Duhon

US Navy, Died October 2, 2006

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Clarence Duhon

US Army, Died September 21, 1995

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Gny Sgt. Henry E. Eleazar

USMC, Died December 18, 1972

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Marion Dudley Foster

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Francis Frederick

George Norris Frederick

US Navy

SFC Kelly Frederick

US Army

Joseph Cyril Gaspard

Nelson Gaspard

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Russell Gaspard

U.S. Navy

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Major Kenneth Gilbert

U.S. Army, Died January 31, 1987

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)James Roland Guidry

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Albert Hanks

Ewell Hargrave

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Anthony H. Harpin

US Air Force, Died November 16, 1999

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Woody Harrington

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Lloyd G. Hartwell

US Army, Died October 25, 1999 


Sgt. J. D. Hebert

US Air Force


CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)SP3 Dalton "Gomez" Hebert

US Army, Died April 2, 1993

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)J. D. Hebert

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)EMC John Vernon Hebert

US Navy, Died February 9, 1985

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)BTGC Joseph Curley Hebert

US Navy, Died August 11, 1988

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)PFC Lorphy John Hebert

US Army, Died May 22, 1985

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)MSgt Oliver V. Hebert

US Air Force, Died 1978

E6 Robert L. Hebert

US Army

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Samuel Hodge

USAF, Died July 5, 1971

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)PFC Brunan Hoffpair

US Army, Died October 14, 1984

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Pvt. Justin Dwight Hoffpauir

US Army, Died October 16, 1988

US Army

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Robert Dale Kiestler

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)William L. Lambert

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Duffy Landry

Lurcey Landry

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Raymond Paul Landry
U. S. Army
Died October 17, 2005

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)A1C Johnny W. Lapointe

US Air Force, Died October 30, 1984

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Floyd Laughlin, Jr.

USMC, Died October 23, 2004

YN2 Allen LeBlanc

US Navy

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Cpl. Evesse J. LeBlanc
US Army

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Joseph Karlan Marceaux

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Sterling Womack LeJeune, Sr.

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Paul R. LeMaire

US Air Force, Died January 23, 1998

SSgt. Roland James Lormand

US Air Force

Joseph Weston Matthew


PFC Junius Marceaux

US Army


Melvin Marceaux

P. D. Marceaux

Cpl. Willis Meaux, Sr.

U.S. Army

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Ancil P. McNett

Died 1979

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Raymond Menard

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Phillip E. Miller

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Roderick Luke Miller

US Army, Died 1997

RD2 Earl Mills, Jr.

US Navy

Lloyd Albert Mitchell

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Ernest Monceaux

PFC Leeward J. Montet

US Army


CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Cpl. Alvin Joseph Moore

U.S. Army, Died August 22, 1996

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Marvel Burton Morgan

Charles Nicks

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Donald Lee Pedigo

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Eugene Pedigo

Died October 21, 2004

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Leon Pedigo

Carl Petry

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Joseph W. Picard

US Army, Died August 5, 2001

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)1st Lt. Minos Ponville

US Air Force, Died August 20, 2004

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)George H. Ratcliff

Allen Joseph Richardson 

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Melvin Marion Richardson

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Patrick F. Richardson

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Charles Reese Roberts

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Andy Romero

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Newton "Black" Romero

U.S. Army, Died August 22, 2005

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Cpl. Horace Roy Sarver

US Army, Died June 27, 1987

S/Sgt. Curley Savoy

US Air Force

Verness J. Segura

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Roger Sellers

Doris Simon

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)CPO John Ray Simon

US Navy, Died January 1, 1986

Marvin Stansbury

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)John C. Stephens

Luther Suire

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)John N. Theall

CMSgt William C. Toups



CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Andrew Trahan

Asa Trahan

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Henry Trahan

USMC, Died November 13, 2000

Joseph Trahan

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)John Ibrey Vaughn

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Joseph Newton Vedalier

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)SP4 Daniel J. Vice

US Army, Died December 30, 1978

Carson Vincent

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Ernest Vincent

US Army, Died October 18, 2000

J. L. Vincent

E6 Joseph Vincent, Jr.

US Army

Luke Joseph Vincent

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Murphy Vincent


Roland Patrick Vincent 

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Pvt. Clay Walters, Sr.

US Army, Died December 12, 2002

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)PFC Roy Wright

Army, Died February 21, 1961


The 2003 Louisiana Cattle Festival was dedicated to the Veterans of World War II.  To view that dedication, please click here