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The 2005 Cattle Festival is dedicated to the Veterans of the Vietnam War.  These men and women did not return home to ticker tape parades or cheering crowds.  All too often they returned to a nation unappreciative of their sacrifice.  Today we recognize these brave soldiers of freedom who stood tall against the forces of communism.  Today we pay tribute in a small way to men and women whose time and country owe such much more.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Please visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Website


If you know a veteran whose name is not listed on this page or have a picture of a veteran who is:

Please Click Here


Below are the names of the honored men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for God and Country in that conflict:


Sgt. Richard Franklin Abshire Ira Wayne Acord Clifford J. Broussard, Jr
USMC     May 2, 1968

Age:  21

KIA     Quang Tri Province

USN     March 13, 1966

Age:  22


USN     December 30, 1967


PVT Robert E. Chauvin, Jr. T/ Sgt. Thomas Mallan Duhon Sgt. Henry Eugene Eleazor
Army     October 20, 1966

Age:  18


USAF     October 27, 1971

Age:  35


Army     December 18, 1972

Age:  38


PFC Albert B. Gerdes Sgt. Earl J. Guillory En3 Iris Hilton Harrington
Army     December 20, 1968

Age:  20

KIA     Quang Nam Province

Army     May 23, 1968

Age:  22

KIA     Dinh Tuong Province

Navy     June 1, 1969

Age:  20

KIA     Long An Province

A 1/c John LeMaire, Jr. Cpl. Eraste John Marceaux Cpl. Paul James Meaux
USAF     September 22, 1965

Age:  23


USMC     July 28, 1968

Age:  21

DOI     Quang Tri Province

Army     August 17, 1968

Age:  22

DNB     Province Unknown

Sgt. Milford Lee Newman Cpl Milton Phillip Potier Pfc Paul Joseph Simon
Army     December 4, 1965

Age:  22


Army     May 5, 1968

Age:  20

KIA     Thua Thien

Army     July 7, 1967

Age:  20

DOI     Province Unknown

Hospital Corpsman Darnell J. Songne Sp/4 Farrell James Vice A/1c James Lee Vincent
Navy     September 17, 1968

Age:     19

KIA     Quang Tri Province

Army     May 24, 1969

Age:  21

KIA     Binh Duong Province

USAF     November 3, 1972

Age:  19


Pfc King David Washington S. Sgt. Jeb Steward White Sp. 4 Amos Williams, Jr.
Army     November 30, 1968

Age:  19

KIA     Binh Duong Province

Army     May 25, 1969

Age:  19


Army     February 5, 1969

Age:  19


L. Cpl. Howard Clayton Williams   Donald Eugene Yearout
USMC     July 8, 1968

Age:  20

DOW     Quang Tri Province

  Army     June 12, 1968

Age:  20

DOW     Quang Tin Province




Below are the names of the courageous citizens of Vermilion Parish, home of the Louisiana Cattle Festival, who fought in the Vietnam War


CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes) Deceased
Bronze Star Medal
Purple Heart
Prisoner of War
Korean War Veteran


CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)

CSM Francis Johnson

US Army

Died February 19, 1984

Special note is taken of CSM Johnson as he served his country faithfully and heroically in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
World War II Veteran
Vietnam War Veteran
Korean War Veteran


Irvin L. Akers, Jr. Kirby R. Dubois John W. O'Bryan
Harris Albarado, Sr. Robert B. Duck Russell Ortamond
Daniel R. Arabie

Lt. Col. James R. Foley, Sr.

U.S. Air Force

Paul E. Piazza

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Blaine Paul Belaire

US Army, Died September 16, 2002

Earl J. Fontenot

E4 Steve Peck

U.S. Army

Allen Dale Bellaire

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)CWO3 Marion Leon Foreman

US Army, Died October 25, 1985

Barney B. Prejean
Leslie G. Bengtson Francis Frederick Rodney Primeaux

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Leonard Bernard

US Air Force, Died July 16, 2001

James K. Frederick Jimmy Richard
Hanson R. Bertrand Raymond Frederick

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Pvt. Remus J. Richard, Jr.

USMC, Died December 20, 2003

Larry P. Bertrand Raymond Gagne Tommy Rigsby
Paul P. Bodin Russel D. Gayneaux Douglas R. Romero
Joseph T. Bossley

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Kenneth Gilbert

US Army, Died January 31, 1997

Michael J. Sagrera
Larry Boudreaux John Goddard Bernard Scalisi, Jr.
Jeffery Bourque

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Lin J. Guidry

US Army, Died July 12, 1998

Robert W. Schlicher

SP/4 Charles J. Breaux

US Army

Raymond Hargrave

Cpl. Don Smith

Ammo Tech

US Army

Robert Breaux Jeffery J. Harrington, Sr. Robert L. Smith

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Brett Broussard

US Navy, Died November 7, 1978

John E. Harrington Doyce J. Soirez

1st Lt. Leonard Hasemann

U.S. Air Force


CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Denis James Broussard

US Army, Died November, 1983

Clifford N. Hebert, Jr. Harold Strung, Jr.

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)SP5 Michael G. Burke

US Army, Died August 21, 1992

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)MSgt Oliver V. Hebert

US Air Force, Died 1978

Eugene Suire
Joseph Butcher Jr.

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Pvt. James Royce Henry

US Army, Died February 15, 2003

Glenn Suire
Travis J. Callahan

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Samuel Hodge

USAF, Died July 5, 1971


Robert D. Thibodeaux
Harry J. Callahan

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)SR Michael C. Hoffpauir

US Navy, Died February 6, 1990

Carroll Touchet
Jerry Capps Karl Hollier Roicey J. Trahan
Jeffery Cessac D. Neal Horaist Archie Trosclair, Jr.
L. P. Chauvin

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Sgt. Harvey David Hudson

US Air Force, Died October 24, 2001

Roger D. Viator
Lee A. Collins Clifford P. Hymel, Sr. James Vincent

E6 Joseph Vincent, Jr.

US Army

Joseph W. Comeaux Willie Hymel Murphy J. Vincent
Durwood W. Conque

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)1st Lt. Donald J. Lagrange, Sr.

US Air Force, Died March 24, 1997

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Clifton George Washington

US Army, Died August 6, 1994

Larry Courville   Robert J. Wells
Alex Crochet Curtis W. Lambert

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Lt. Col. Robert P. Wetzel

US Air Force

Joseph A. Daigle Leon Lambert Rene Pierre Williams

E-4 Leon Dautriel


PO3 Ray E. Lavergne

US Navy


E-4 Ned Dautriel


Calvin LeBouef  
Harold Davidson Minus P. Ledet  
Elbert Dawson

CROSSFLAG.gif (23271 bytes)Paul R. LeMaire

US Air Force, Died January 23, 1998

Richard B. Dehart Harris LeMaire  
Leslie Dickman Warren Meaux  

Sgt. Wayne Dietrich

U.S. Army

John A. Melancon  
Charles Dill, Jr. Leward Montet  
Donald Domingue William Harold Mouton  
Joseph P. Dore Kenneth Neveaux  
Clarence Dubois Joseph Nezey, Jr.  


Facts from Vietnam

The youngest U.S. military man killed in Vietnam is believed to be Dan Bullock, who reportedly lied about his age to enlist in the Marine Corps. He was 15.
At least five men killed in Vietnam were 16 years old.
At least 12 men killed in Vietnam were 17 years old.
The oldest man killed was 62 years old.
Veterans killed on their first day in Vietnam: 997.
Veterans killed on their last scheduled day in Vietnam: 1,448.
Number of chaplains on the Vietnam Memorial Wall: 16 (2 Medal Of Honor).
Number of women on the wall: 8 (7 Army, 1 U.S. Air Force ---- 7,484 had served).
Vietnam Veterans represent 9.7 percent of their generation.
The United States had 9,087,000 military personnel serve on active duty during the Vietnam era (Aug. 5, 1964 to May 7, 1975).
Total deaths: 58,202.
Hostile deaths: 47,378.
Non-hostile deaths: 10,800.
Married men killed: 17,539.
Average age of men killed in Vietnam: 22.8 years old.
More 21-year-olds were killed than any other age group.
Amputation or crippling wounds to the lower extremities were 300 percent higher than in World War II and 70 percent higher than in Korea. Multiple amputations occurred at the rate of 18.4 percent compared with 5.7 percent in WWII.
Missing in action: 2,338.
Prisoners of war: 766 (114 died in captivity).
Twenty-seven million men came of draft age from 1964 to 1972.
Total draftees (1965-1973): 1,728,344.
Actually served in Vietnam: 38 percent.
Twenty-five percent (648,500) of total forces in country were draftees (In WWII, 67 percent were draftees; 33 percent were volunteers).
Draftees accounted for 30.4 percent (17,725) of combat deaths in Vietnam.
National Guard: 6,140 served; 101 died.
Last man drafted: June 30, 1973.
Eighty-six percent of the men who died in Vietnam were Caucasian (includes Latinos); 12.5 percent (7,241) were black; 1.2 percent belonged to other races.
One hundred and seventy thousand Latinos served in Vietnam: 3,070 (5.2 percent of total) died there.
Seventy-six percent of the men sent to Vietnam were from middle/working class backgrounds.