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Hon. Carlton Campbell

2003 Cattle Festival King

Dana Sampson

Cattle Festival Queen LV

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Charles Litteral

2003 Grand Marshal

Laura Myers

2003 Ms. Cattle Queen

Heidi Ramke

2003 Miss Abbeville

Jayce Wildblood

2003 Teen Cattle Queen

Macie Landry

2003 Deb Cattle Queen

Alix Romero

2003 Junior Cattle Queen

Kelli LeBlanc

2003 Petite Miss Cattle Queen


Gracie Langham

2003 Baby Cattle Queen

Andrew Dameron

2003 Baby Cattle King

Cattleman of the Year Chef Bobby and Dot Catering

Restaurant of the Year


Donald Sagrera

Humanitarian of the Year

Brady and Bonnie Broussard

Citizens of the Year



Elysse Simon

Jr. Parade Grand Marshal

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Emma Granger

2003 Jr. Cattleman of the Year

Sara Granger

2003 Vermilion Cattleman's Queen