David Smith

2004 Cattle Festival King

Jennifer Falgout

Cattle Festival Queen LVI


For Pictures from Festival 2004 Click here


Shriners of North America

2004 Grand Marshal

Betsy Granger

2004 Ms. Cattle Queen

Codi Gaspard

2004 Miss Abbeville

Kayla LeBlanc

2004 Teen Cattle Queen

Toria Richard

2004 Deb Cattle Queen

Marci Williams

2004 Junior Cattle Queen

Tori Menard

2004 Petite Miss Cattle Queen


Cameron Delcambre

2004 Baby Cattle Queen

Dane Cessac

2004 Baby Cattle King


Millie Manning Harris, 2004 Louisiana Cattle Festival Ambassador


Sam Duplantis

2004 Cattleman of the Year

Black's Oyster Bar

2004 Restaurant of the Year


Corbett LeBouef

2004 Humanitarian of the Year

Drew David

Citizens of the Year



Elysse Simon

2004 Jr. Cattleman of the Year

Blaise Istre

2004 Beef Scholarship Winner

Jaida Griffin

2004 Jr. Parade Marshal