3rd Annual Cattle Festival B.B. Gun Tournament

Saturday, September 11, 2004

9:00 A.M.

Vermilion County Agents Office

Judging by the reaction of the kids, this years BB Gun tournament was a great success.  Below are pictures from the tournament as well as all the winners from each division.  Next year promises to bring an even more exciting time.

Thank you to all the individual Festival Associates who time out their busy schedule to help with this years tournament.  I would like to especially thank the following for all their help:

Henrietta Caillouet

Randy Cessac

Carleen Frederick

Craig Frederick

Andrew Granger

Janice Hebert

Barbara Horaist

Neal Horaist

Russel LeBlanc

Darrell LeBleu

Calvin Lebouef

Lorraine Lebouef

Mooney Moss

Dennis Mouton

Tommy Picard

Francis Plaisance

Dane Roy

Tweety Trahan

Bill Vincent

The Abbeville Police Department Explorer Group

The Abbeville Fire Department

Abbeville Walmart

Academy Sporting Goods

Age Group Champs:

Oliver Nunez


Cecily Vincent

5-6 Boys Champ

star3.gif (4095 bytes)

5-6 Girls Champ

Judd Trahan   Brook Touchet

7-8 Boys Champ

star3.gif (4095 bytes)

7-8 Girls Champ

 Jacob Hudson  

Shaina Touchet

9-10 Boys Champ star3.gif (4095 bytes) 9-10 Girls Champ
Hailey Winch   Bryce LuQuette
10-12 Girls Champ star3.gif (4095 bytes) 10-12 Boys Champ