Brigadier General Bob LeBlanc

2006 Cattle Festival King

Lauren Naquin

Cattle Festival Queen LVIII

Cecil Picard

2006 Parade Grand Marshal


Charlene Bruce

2006 Ms. Cattle Queen

Shayla Vincent

2006 Miss Abbeville



Kourtney Lavergne

2006 Teen Cattle Queen

Lindsey Harmon

2006 Deb Cattle Queen



McKenna Aloisio

2006 Junior Cattle Queen

Gabby Guilbeau

2006 Petite Miss Cattle Queen



Ahni Mire

2006 Baby Cattle Queen

Tyler Durke

2006 Baby Cattle King


Francis Plaisance

Cattle Festival Ambassador



2006 Cattle Festival Dedication

All Veteran Auxiliary Posts



Andrew Granger

2006 Cattleman of the Year

Mr. Keets

2006 Restaurant of the Year



Calvin LeBouef *** Hank Moss

2006 Humanitarians of the Year

Hon. Michael Couvillon

2006 Citizen of the Year





2006 Jr. Cattleman of the Year

2006 Jr. Parade Marshal



2006 Cattle Festival Scholarship Winner



Jay Guidry

2006 Hall of Fame Inductee

Cecil McCrory

2006 Hall of Fame Inductee


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