Major Generel Bennett Landreneau

2008 Cattle Festival King

Kristen Hoover

Cattle Festival Queen LX



Jewitt Hulin

2008 Parade Grand Marshal



Karen Guilbeau

2008 Ms. Cattle Queen


2008 Miss Abbeville



Jeanne Derouen

2008 Teen Cattle Queen

Callynn Thomas

2008 Deb Cattle Queen



Gabby Guilbeau 

2008 Junior Cattle Queen

Morgan Landry

2008 Petite Miss Cattle Queen


2008 Baby Cattle King and Queen


Mooney Moss

2008 Cattle Festival Ambassador



Robert Felknor,

2008 Cattle Festival Dedication



2008 Cattleman of the Year

El Camino's

2008 Restaurant of the Year




Pat and Paul Patout

2008 Citizens of the Year

Phyllis Taylor

2008 Humanitarian of the Year





2008 Jr. Cattleman of the Year

2008 Jr. Parade Marshal



2008 Cattle Festival Scholarship Winner





John Luby

2008 Hall of Fame Inductee

Ophe Romero (Posthumously) and Wilda Romero

2008 Hall of Fame Inductee


2007 Festival Dedication

2007 Special Guests

2007 Band Line-Up

2007 BB Gun Tournament Pics

2007 Schedule of Events


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