Hon. Mark Piazza

2010 Cattle Festival King

Sarah Mouton

Cattle Festival Queen LXII


Bob Moore

2010 Parade Grand Marshal



2010 Ms. Cattle Queen

Alisio Levine

2010 Miss Abbeville



Jensie Borel

2010 Teen Cattle Queen

2010 Deb Cattle Queen



2010 Junior Cattle Queen

2010 Petite Miss Cattle Queen


2010 Baby Cattle King


2010 Baby Cattle Queen



David Bourque

2009 Cattle Festival Ambassador


Rick Coleman

2009 Cattle Festival Ambassador



Charles"J. "Butch Strain & Rodney "Jack" Strain

2010 Cattle Festival Dedication



James R. Leleux,Sr.

2010 Cattleman of the Year

Shuck's Seafood Restaurant

2010 Restaurant of the Year





Derek Nguyen

2010 Citizen of the Year

Dr. Myriam Hutchison

2010 Humanitarian of the Year





Keisha Marceaux

2010 Jr. Cattleman of the Year

Britney Broussard

2010 Jr. Parade Marshal


Hillarie Hebert

2010 Cattle Festival Scholarship Winner




Lorraine LeBouef

2010 Hall of Fame Inductee

Calvin LeBouef

2010 Hall of Fame Inductee



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