Baxter Black

2014 Cattle Festival King

Jensie Borel

Cattle Festival Queen LXVI


James "Buddy" Caldwell, Sr.

Louisiana Attorney General

2014 Parade Grand Marshal


Winter Duhon

2014 Ms. Cattle Queen

Fallyn Gonsoulin

2014 Teen Cattle Queen



Kelbi Lashare

2014 Junior Cattle Queen



Ava Broussard

2014 Deb Cattle Queen

McKenna Sellers

2014 Petite Miss Cattle Queen


Kyrell Briggs

2014 Baby Cattle King

Addisyn Adams

2014 Baby Cattle Queen


Matt Suire

2014 Cattle Festival Ambassador


Ronnie Anderson

2014 Cattle Festival Dedication



Executive Inn & Suites

2014 Business of the Year

Subway Restaurant

2014 Restaurant of the Year


Lorainne LeBouef

2014 Cattleman of the Year


Gerard Sellers

2014 Citizen of the Year

Elbert Dawson

2014 Humanitarian of the Year




Victoria Frederick

2014 Jr. Cattleman of the Year

Alexandra Herpin

2014 Jr. Parade Marshal



Britney Broussard

2014 Cattle Festival Scholarship Winner



Mona LeBlanc

2014 Hall of Fame Inductee

Russell LeBlanc

2014 Hall of Fame Inductee

Margie Campisi

2014 Hall of Fame Inductee



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