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When composing this website and creating the Dedication Page, I was shocked to learn there was no central database to .access which could give me the names of all WWII veterans, living or deceased, from Vermilion Parish.  I have had to rely on the generosity of the American Legion and VFW Posts around the parish to get the names listed here.  But I know there are many that are missing- especially those of veterans who have passed away since the war.  Due to privacy laws, the Department of Veteran's Affairs cannot give me this list so...

If you, or someone you know, was a veteran of WWII and is or was a resident of Vermilion Parish and are not listed on the Dedication Page, please e-mail me with the following information so that their name may be added to the Dedication List:

1.       Name of Veteran

2.       Rank

3.       Branch of Service

4.       Is the Veteran Living or Deceased


If you have a picture of a Veteran, please send me an email with the picture attached.  If you do not have the picture available to email, please email me with your contact information and I will be happy to arrange a meeting and scan the image for you.