69th Louisiana Cattle Festival Royalty

Queen | Gabrielle Ann Guilbeau

Gabrielle Ann Guilbeau is the 69th Louisiana Cattle Festival Queen. Gabrielle is the 18 year old daughter of Karen and Clyde Guilbeau of Lafayette, Louisiana. In 2017 she graduated from  Lafayette high school and is currently attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, majoring in child and family studies with a minor in psychology. Upon graduation, Gabrielle plans on pursuing her masters in psychology  at UL, then beginning a career as a child psychotherapist. Gabrielle was the 2006 Petite Cattle Queen, 2008 Jr Cattle Queen, and the 2011 Deb Cattle Queen.

King | Glen Lege

2017-2018 LA Cattle Festival Royalty

Baby Cattle King

Lane Moreaux

Baby Cattle Queen

Brielle Babineaux

Petite Cattle Queen

Ahna Malorin

Deb Cattle Queen

Mia Comeaux

Junior Cattle Queen

Janci Aube

Teen Cattle Queen

Morgan Landry

Ms. Cattle Queen

Desirea Vicknair